Friday, 22 July 2016

Plastic Bags

I am a huge fan of on line supermarket shopping, anything that means I avoid fighting my way up and down those aisles has my vote but what is going on with the plastic bags?!
Obviously when you go to a store you are able to take your own bags (if you remember), and if not, you can buy some. I have a cupboard full of "Bags For Life" but I think that cutting back on plastic bags is a good thing.
With your on line shop however, there is not and I doubt will ever be, the ability to give your own bags to the driver to take to the store to pack for you, hence, the need to deliver in plastic bags.
Now, up until very recently my shopping was packed very efficiently in said bags and the driver always asked if I had the bags from the last shop to take back to recycle, perfect. Now I have the choice when I place my order to not have the shopping in bags at all or pay a 40p flat charge regardless of how many bags I use. I realise that I should opt for no bags for the sake of my children's children's children, but in the interests of time, I choose the bag option and if this had remained as it used to be I think all bases, time and planet saving were covered. However, I now get copious amounts of bags delivered, one, this time, containing just stamps!!! Whoever does the packing is no longer worried about the planet and the driver has to be asked to take the used bags back with him, so recycling is clearly no longer the flavour of the day.
I'll keep giving them back, though I'm not sure the drivers are best pleased...not as pleased as the people making the bags thats for sure.  Sorry Sainsburys, but I think this was a step backwards. EJ

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