Sunday, 22 May 2016

Feeling Broody?!

I know. I'm far too old to have another baby but just sometimes I really, really miss the weight of a tiny baby in my arms, little head on my shoulder, the warmth, the smell, the feel of a tiny hand curling round my finger and looking into those loving, trusting little eyes. Sorry, I'm getting sentimental but with three teenage sons you have to remember how lovely they used to be. They're still lovely, but you know what I mean.
Nothing makes you more aware of your age and the fact that you are no longer able to re- produce, than sitting waiting for a Gynea scan, which just happens to be done in the same place as the pregnancy scans, surrounded by expectant young and youngish mums. Some looking really excited, others not so much but all waiting with full bladders, to see an image of their baby on the screen. Wow, that was so amazing and ironically even more so, when fast forward what seems like a very few short years and you're in the same place, same cold gel on your tummy, same sounds, same uniforms but this time no blurry picture of a little person you can't wait to meet but the news as to whether or not your reproductive bits are going to be taken out!
Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't want to go back to sleepless nights, toddler group, potty training etc etc, I'd just like to still be young enough to have the choice, know what I mean? EJ

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