Monday, 30 May 2016

More Wine anyone?

Like many others my age, if my own friendship group and national statistics are anything to go by, I like a drink. I don't believe I have a problem, I don't drink at all in the week but come the weekend I do enjoy a few too many glasses of wine.
Hangovers are definitely getting worse though, leaving me feeling absolutely dreadful all day, sometimes unable to get out of bed until mid afternoon and once I am up, I have no energy at all! Hubby says, often, that if alcohol made him feel like that, he wouldn't drink, but it doesn't make him feel like that, so he can enjoy as many drinks as he likes in the knowledge that he will be absolutely fine when he wakes up the next day.
There is a lot of press coverage about alcohol limits and middle aged drinking at the moment and just this week we watched a programme that suggested taking Star flower Oil before an evening out could limit the effects of a hangover. Well, it didn't work.
Not only did I have a terrible hangover, I also awoke with the terrible guilt of an alcohol fuelled political discussion, which had ended with a lovely friend of mine in tears!!!!
Now before you go thinking I'm a monster, I must stress that said friend would not have cried had she not had too much to drink too and she has assured me that she did not take my comments personally, however, I do feel like said monster and that's a horrible feeling.
So, I'm vowing to not drink again (again) and hope this time I can stick to it but lets be honest (those of you that like a drink), its so boring being sociable with a diet coke!!!! Know what I mean? EJ

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