Saturday, 28 May 2016

Home From University

So, we picked Number 1 up from Uni today after having spent a lovely day yesterday, sight seeing, shopping,eating and drinking.
 Sorry, Clean Eating Alice, I'm afraid I've strayed a bit this weekend!
We loaded him and the contents of his room and kitchen cupboard into the car and marvelled at how quickly these 2 years have gone. Scary to think that this time next year he'll be finished and looking to go out into the big bad world, armed, hopefully, with an excellent degree and a ton of happy memories. The problem is that he'll also be armed with a huge £27,000+ debt too and we can't be the only parents amazed at how little time our offspring actually spend in front of a tutor/professor/lecturer/anyone!
Then there's the fact that nothing else is included in that £9k per year, everything else costs extra money, gym membership, football training even tickets for end of year celebrations!
Landlords are making a pretty penny out of our kids too. Do the maths. 6 people sharing a very mediocre house for what amounts to 9 months of the year, pay approximately £450 each per month for 12 months. That's approximately £32k a year paid to the landlord !!!!
Parents and students alike should be protesting far louder than we are, especially when government think tanks want to know why kids from poorer backgrounds are choosing not to go to university and they're employing more think tanks to find out why???!!! Madness!
 It's daylight robbery... which coincidentally, I learnt on the historic boat trip we did whilst sight seeing yesterday, was a term coined during the days of window taxes.
 Well at least I've learnt something for my son's £27k!!!!!!!  EJ

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