Thursday, 26 May 2016

Is Anybody Out There?

Obviously I can see from the distinct lack of followers and or comments that no one is actually reading this blog. I'm telling myself I don't care as I really enjoy writing it but it would be nice if someone saw it.
Number 2 son suggested following other like minded bloggers, of which there must be loads but they all look so glitzy and professional in comparison, that I'm embarrassed to draw attention to myself. I haven't got a product to sell or a company to launch, just little old me and my observations. Of course it doesn't help that I am a complete" technophobe", as I mentioned before, and have no idea how to promote this or make it look any more interesting. Oh dear, never mind, I'll crack on, and if anyone does actually see this, I'll be chuffed to hear from you.
Am continuing to use "Clean Eating Alice" recipes to feed the family, mixed reactions but in the main it's going down well. Number 3 son isn't impressed but has informed me that he "doesn't like change" and hubby is on board but asks that we have "Fish Fingers, Chips and Beans" as a treat every now and again. Honestly....why do I bother?
 Oh  yes, because it's good for them!
 Number 2 is a fitness fanatic at the moment so he is very enthusiastic about clean eating and Number 1 comes home from Uni this week, a relatively new pescatarian (Code name "Nuisance"), there are lots of fish dishes to try, so hopefully he'll be happy too. And I haven't had a glass of wine for 2 weeks! That could all change this weekend though. I'll let you know. EJ

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