Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Shoes and Knickers.

What is happening?
I can see no obvious reason as to why two very necessary and previously easy to find wardrobe staples have become so hard to buy!
It happened with Jeans a couple of years ago. Suddenly the cut wasn't quite right and I really had to shop around for a style to suit, what I suppose, is a changing body shape!!
In some respects Jeans were easy as it seems quite common and perfectly acceptable to need a different cut of denim to the one we wore in our 20s, I mean there is actually a brand called "Not Your Daughter's Jeans", or something like that anyway and Lorraine Kelly has definitely addressed the problem over breakfast before now.The problem is though, to date, I have not seen anything that refers to itself as, "Not Your Daughter's Knickers or Shoes". I would say there is a big gap in the market as there is quite a jump from 6" heels and thongs to sensible flats and big drawers......What about those of us caught half way between the two, still perfectly happy in the former for a night out and secretly hankering after the latter by the end of the day, there are, however, a lot of hours where I am finding the choices of foot and underwear severely lacking!!!! Am I alone?? EJ

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